Purposes of the Site

Welcome! This site is a focal point of information regarding my hypnotherapy and healing practice, as well as articles, book lists, and links that I think you might find interesting and helpful.

Other Areas of Interest:

Applied Consciousness

I want to help bring the many tools of applied consciousness into your own hands, where you can take what works for you--use it to improve your life--and leave the rest. You don't need to get into the science of consciousness unless you so desire.

In case you do want to better understand the 'whys' and 'hows', I'm here to serve as a focal point of information regarding consciousness. 'Consciousness' is an umbrella term I am using to describe the mind, thought, emotion, prayer, intuition, intention, and all the other aspects which comprise not only the logical, rational mind, but the more expansive aspects of awareness.


Perhaps one of the most common applications of focused consciousness is its use in healing. I'm very interested in the area of alternative healing, and will include articles, books, and websites pertaining to this area. I see all forms of energy healing as being closely related to focused consciousness. So I'll pass slong the best of what I find in that area, which I'm sure wil expand as the site evolves.

And Lots More!

This site is continually evolving, so check back often!

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