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Properties of Consciousness,
An excerpt from the article Moving Mind, Moving Matter
by Dean Radin, Ph.D., Noetic Sciences Review, No. 46 - Summer 1998.

Articles on the Subjects of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Related Topics
From Online Magazine for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Online Papers on Consciousness
Compiled by David Chalmers, this is a directory of 1284 online papers on consciousness and related topics.

Consciousness, Causality, and Quantum Physics
David Pratt, Reprinted with permission from Journal of Scientific Exploration, 11:1, Spring 1997

CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing at Stanford Research Institute
by H. E. Puthoff, Ph.D., Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin

Alchemy, Shamanism, Quantum Physics, and the Multiverse:
The Power of Consciousness, by Anne Rebecca Chase, BSCS, CCHT

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